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Johnson & Wales University offers a supportive, caring environment where faculty, staff and students work together to help students adapt to college life and succeed academically, personally and professionally. We miss having all of our students back on campus, and we know our students with fully remote class schedules miss being in the classroom. Together, we are adjusting to the protocols that have been established to balance our priority of creating a safe environment while keeping students on track to complete their coursework.

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Parents and family members remain the most influential force in a student's life. Therefore, your student will likely turn to you for support when they are concerned, confused or unhappy. We hope you will join us in supporting your student’s growth and development by encouraging them to independently and proactively seek solutions to any challenges. There are multiple resources available on campus, and we can give you information if you need help directing your student.

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Faculty & Staff

The university remains open as we continue to provide virtual services to our students at each of our campuses. Johnson & Wales University recognizes that, along with its students, the most important resources the university has is its faculty and staff. JWU is committed to sharing the changing guidance it receives from federal, state and local officials with faculty as they prepare for and execute classwork during the semester

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