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Stay Healthy, Stay Safe: COVID Protocols for Spring

From sentinel testing to daily check-ins, here is what you need to know for staying healthy this semester.

Andrea Feldman29 January 2021

The Speed of Sound: JWU’s Shift to Remote Learning

JWU’s Director of Instructional Design & Technology discusses how the university pivoted to remote learning during the the coronavirus pandemic.

Denise Dowling10 June 2020

Call of Duty: JWU’s Emergency Management Response to COVID-19

JWU’s director of emergency management discusses his strategies for dealing with a pandemic.

Denise Dowling15 May 2020

Preparing for a Pandemic: How a JWU Education Made the Difference

Peter Medici '20 shares his experience working at a COVID-19 testing center.

Amanda Cody04 May 2020

How Restaurants Are Reacting & Adapting to the COVID-19 Crisis

Associate Professor Brian Warrener outlines some of the strategies restaurateurs are adopting to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

Brian Warrener21 March 2020

Sports and Entertainment Industries Adapting Daily to Covid-19 Fallout

The sports, entertainment and event industries are being affected daily by Coronavirus. JWU faculty give their insight and use as learning experience for students.

Melinda Hill19 March 2020

JWU's Public Health Experts Weigh in on Coronavirus

Associate Professor Samantha Rosenthal shares important information about the coronavirus and how JWU's Public Health and Health Science students are learning from it.

Amanda Cody19 March 2020